Gift Card

Why a gift card ?

  • Just because, Gift Cards spoil you & the recipient for choice!
  • Fast, easy and convenient way to buy someone a gift
  • Easy to redeem
  • Lets you offer suggestions or completely leave it up to the recipient
  • Valid at store and for online shopping

How to send across a gift card ?

STEP 1 : Begin by filling in the recipient’s name & contact details
STEP 2 : Mention the gifting amount and your relationship with the recipient
STEP 3 : Mention your name and contact details.
STEP 4 : Submit the details and we will get in touch with you.

What we do to process the gift card ?

STEP 1 : Call you and confirm the details
STEP 2 : On confirmation, share our bank account details for you to process the gifting amount.
STEP 3 : Call the recipient and inform about the gift you have sent
STEP 4 : Request the recipient to choose the ensemble she loves and dispatch the same!